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To insure years of reliable use, you should always rinse your Aquaskinz products with fresh water, especially if used in Saltwater.

You should never use bleach, ammonia, liquid clothing detergents or the like. You should not machine wash your product or machine dry them.

Oils and chemicals found in insect repellents, sun block, hand lotions and similar products adversely affect latex seals and do break down the materials if not cared for regularly. The seals should be cleaned and restored with 303 Protectant a few times a season.

DO NOT store your Tops in direct sunlight or artificial light for prolonged periods of time. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and artificial light with high UV content will greatly reduce the life of the Top and its performance. DO NOT store your Top(s) in excessively hot or humid locations. DO NOT store your Top(s) where gasoline or gas appliances are located, this includes the trunk of your car. Gas and most chemical fumes break down the gaskets and materials.

Dry your Top(s) completely (inside and outside) before storage. DO NOT dry your top(s) in a clothes dryer or store while still wet or damp. After washing, hang and drip dry.

Dry Tops have components that age prematurely if not stored properly and regularly cared for.


Rinsing your top after saltwater use is essential. We also recommend a thorough cleaning of the top at least 2-3 times a season. When washing, always follow sewn-in care instructions. With dry tops, AquaSkinz recommends using warm water and a gentle powdered soap combination (or Nikwax Tech Wash), with no bleach or harsh chemicals, and high water volume. Make sure to rinse well (which means running it through a second wash, inside out with no soap OR use a warm shower). Hang and drip dry.


To restore DWR (Durable Water Repellent) or water beading to the outside of a garment, AquaSkinz recommends McNETT ReviveX, Granger's XT Proofer Spray or Nikwax TX-Direct Spray-On. When using the Spray-On products it is best to follow the instructions provided by each company. This treatment should be applied 2-3 times per season. Heat is necessary to set the Durable Water Repellent into the fabric with some products. Read the instructions given and if heat is needed, AquaSkinz recommends using an iron, on low to medium heat. You must keep the iron moving. DO NOT set the iron on the gaskets or zippers. Using a thin section of cotton (like an old t-shirt) between the iron and the jacket will prevent the waterproofing spray from collecting on the iron and or transferred to the next garment you iron. It will also minimize the potential of applying too much heat to the jacket. Using a hair dryer with continuous motion has also shown to be successful.


The zipper is one of the most sensitive components on your top and it must be treated carefully! The most common causes of zipper failure are if the zipper is handled to harshly or dirt and salt residue is left in the zipper teeth and or the closing end. The zipper is most vulnerable to damage when getting into and out of your top. Be sure the zipper is open completely in both instances and try not to put force on the ends that could tear the zipper apart or damage it. Pull zipper in-line using a smooth, even motion - AVOID yanking or pulling to the side. Be especially gentle in colder temperatures when the zipper stiffens and becomes less pliable.

If experiencing difficulty closing a zipper completely, have another person help you. Never FORCE a jammed zipper. If the zipper does not slide up or down easily, try gently unzipping it, examine the jammed point for obstruction or damage, then carefully try it again. Zipping over dirt, clothes or salt build up can derail the teeth and ruin the zipper. Keep sand, dirt and salt out of the teeth and the closing end of the zipper. Clean the zipper occasionally with mild soap and water and a toothbrush. When the zipper is clean, lubricate it occasionally with a light coat of beeswax, or a zip lube product like McNett Zip Tech. The use of Vaseline in the closing end improves sealing. When using Vaseline, make sure it does not get on your gasket seals or other parts of the garment.

Broken zippers cannot be repaired but can be replaced. If your zipper has been damaged, please contact Customer Service (1-631-956-0369) to get instructions for returning your item for proper service.


Keep the garment clean and rinsed and always hang dry. If the top will be stored in a clean environment and has a zipper, it should be left open. This will help alleviate pressure on the sealing elements. In dusty or dirty environments, store with the zipper closed. Store on a plastic hanger, do not use wire or wood hangers. Do not store dry tops in the same room with gas appliances or other combustion exhaust. Do not store dry tops in excessively hot and/or humid locations or where latex gaskets are in direct sunlight. High heat and humidity, extreme dryness, exhaust fumes from cars or gas appliances and exposure to UV and ozone can destroy or shorten the life of gaskets.

Latex Gaskets

After use wash gaskets with a gentle soap to remove contaminants (sunscreen, insect repellents, and lotions). Treat latex gaskets every 4-6 weeks, inside and out, with 303 Protectant. Rub it in and let sit for a few minutes before wiping clean with an absorbent cloth until gasket is dry. When using 303 Protectant avoid getting it on other parts of the garment. Prior to putting on a dry top remove sharp rings, watches or jewelry. When putting the garment on, carefully stretch gasket openings before slowly easing over head and wrists. Use the same care when removing the garment. Latex gaskets are intended to fit snug – they will stretch a little with use. If they are too tight, stretch them overnight (or longer if necessary) onto some kind of form a couple inches larger than the width of your neck or wrists. Small tears or holes in the gasket may be repaired with AquaSeal.

Latex Gasket Replacement.

Even with the best of care, latex gaskets do break down over time and can also get damaged from regular or improper use. You should expect to replace them during the life of the garment. Gasket replacement is not covered by warranty. AquaSkinz will replace gaskets for a reasonable fee. Please contact us 1-631-956-0369 should this become necessary.

Following these care and use instructions will extend the life of your garment and your enjoyment.

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