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I got lots of compliments and furnished many positive opinions for the Aquaskinz top. Flawless, dry and comfortable. I wore it all night with a constant pounding surf and 20-30 knot winds in my face, wearing only a long sleeved t-shirt underneath , I stayed warm and dry which enabled me to fish all night and produce a good number of fish, including this one. -- Surfcasting Club Tournament Winner / Avid Surfcaster...

– Mike Lang

They are by far the best tops to come down the pike in my lifetime, and they are available in two models. The standard Hurricane drytop model is designed to keep you comfortable in typical fall, winter and early spring conditions. For milder days and nights, the lightweight Evolution will keep you from roasting. -- The Fisherman, Publisher...

– Fred Golofaro

Thank you so much for being a sponsor of the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby. I'm sure that you probably receive praise from the Committee Members for your involvement in the Derby, but praise from participants is probably rare. I wanted to let you know, as a long time participant, how much we appreciate the sponsors. The majority of us make a conscious effort to support the sponsors when tackle shops. -- 1st Place Shore Grand Slam Winner, 2008...

– Keith McArt

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Fishing styles and techniques vary from angler to angler and from one location to another. We have developed products that can be individually or can be mixed and matched to make up a personalized custom fishing “system” of products and accessories. Our bags, pouches and accessories are designed to complement each other in order to enhance your individual fishing style and maximize your specific needs. Work the SYSTEM!

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Scale Pouch
Finally a scale pouch that works! The Aquaskinz Scale Pouch is designed to fit a Boga Grip, Chatillion, Manly or other similar scales. This item will protect and secure your valuable and expensive scale like nothing else in the market. Rugged ri
Large Belt Pouch
The large pouch has a deep, expandable center pocket for putting in all your essentials. Whether you store terminal tackle, leader materials, back-up gear or choose to use it for a whole host of rubber baits this is an essential tool to have. St
Small Belt Pouch
A multi-faceted tool that will hold your leaders, loose bucktails, rubber baits and other terminal gear. There is more room in this pouch than you can imagine. This item will quickly become one of your favorites and will give you the edge when you need
Leader Wallet
Keeping a fresh batch of ready to use leaders and terminal tackle is the beginning to a possible catch of a lifetime. Utilizing our knowledge of what’s missing and what’s going to work best, we have designed a leader wallet so that you will have the ite
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